On Riding Day 32, we set out to the shore
With hopes of a scenic route to explore
But Mother Nature had other ideas in store
As rain poured down and drenched us to the core

Weather Forecast

Our journey along the emerald coast
Was not as pretty as we had hoped
Instead, we battled the rain with all our might
And pedaled on through our dreary plight

Our clothes were soaked, like a towel in the pool
Our shoes filled with water, squishy like gruel
My socks were like sponges, dripping wet
With every pedal stroke, water would eject


But still we pressed on, determined to reach
Grayton Beach State Park, our stopping beach
And though the rain continued to pour down
We made it there, with spirits unbound

Smiling in Destin

For despite the rain, our ride was still grand
A true adventure, through rain-soaked land
And though we were drenched, we smiled with glee
For Riding Day 32 was a memory to be

Grayton Beach State Park

Remembered for the challenges we faced
And the beauty we saw, despite the rain’s embrace
So let it rain, let the waters fall
For on our bikes, we can conquer it all.

Bikes at the Beach

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  • Roccos Tacos
    Posted May 1, 2023 10:52 am 0Likes

    And the poet emerges :)! Love it!

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