As I pedaled down the Southern Tier,
You could feel the end was coming near,
But I noticed on the roadside,
Wildflowers as beautiful as my bride.

Their petals painted shades of gold,
And purple hues that were so bold,
A symphony of colors bright,
Dancing in the sun’s warm light.

Their fragrant scents, so sweet and pure,
Were carried on the wind for sure,
And as I cycled past each row,
Their beauty motivated me to go, go, go.

From Mayo to Gainesville city,
The wildflowers were oh so pretty,
A gift of nature’s boundless grace,
That puts a smile on every face.

So let me pedal east this way,
And see the wildflowers every day,
For in their beauty, I find peace,
And in their presence, joy increase.


  • Uncle Jack
    Posted May 1, 2023 8:57 pm 0Likes

    Enjoying your journal.

  • Roderick Young
    Posted May 3, 2023 7:29 pm 0Likes

    Nice. Did you compose that while riding?

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