Day 31 of our coast-to-coast cycling trip along the Southern Tier was one to remember. We had planned to go 73 miles and climb 3,400 feet of elevation from La Grange, TX, to Navasota, TX, the final resting place of the great explorer La Salle. However, things didn’t go as planned, and we took an unplanned detour.

It all started when I missed a turn (I’m the navigator), and instead of backtracking, we decided to take the road less traveled. As my wife had said in her vows, taking the road less traveled has always made all the difference in our relationship and marriage. She was right about our relationship and marriage, and it also held true for Dave’s and my unplanned detour.

Instead of riding the shoulder of a busy highway, we were rewarded with smooth farm roads with no traffic.


We rode past an abundance of wildflowers and beautiful farmhouses. Although the ride took a little longer, that was because we were taking everything in and had a chance to talk along the ride.

Although we had a headwind most of the day, it wasn’t as bad as before, and Dave and I had no complaints about it. We were happy to be taking in the scenery and enjoying the ride.

This day was a reminder that sometimes, the best experiences come from unexpected detours. It was a beautiful reminder to embrace the journey and enjoy the ride, no matter what twists and turns come our way.

We had taken the road less traveled, and it had made all the difference.

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  • Karrie aka Big Sis
    Posted April 16, 2023 7:00 am 0Likes

    Glad your mistake turned into a pleasant surprise

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