On day three of our journey, we set out from El Centro, CA, with the goal of reaching Wellton, AZ, which was a distance of 103 miles. We were ready for the long ride, but we were not prepared for the heavily eroded roads that awaited us.

The roads in California were rough, and it felt like we were riding on cobblestones. The constant vibration was punishing, and our hands and feet quickly became numb. However, we knew that quitting was not an option, and we pushed through the discomfort. We continued to pedal, one mile at a time, determined to reach our destination.

After 68 miles of riding, we finally arrived in Yuma, AZ, where we were greeted by our support team, Kevin and Tom. We were exhausted but thrilled to have made it past our halfway point and to refuel with real food. To celebrate our progress, we enjoyed Taco Tuesday, which was a delicious and well-deserved treat. The food gave us the energy we needed to continue on our journey.

As we sat and ate, we reflected on the challenges we had faced thus far. We had learned that no matter how well we prepared, unexpected obstacles could still arise. We also learned that resilience and determination were crucial in overcoming those obstacles.

After a short break, we continued on our journey towards Wellton, AZ. The last 35 miles were tough, but we remained focused on our goal. As we rode, we enjoyed the scenic views of the desert landscape, which made the grueling ride worth it.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, we arrived in Wellton, AZ, tired but exhilarated. We had accomplished our goal, and we were ready for the next leg of our journey after a delicious meal prepared by Tom and Kevin and a good night’s rest.

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