Day 23 was a milestone for us on our cycling trip across the country on the Southern Tier. We started just outside Fredericksburg, TX and rode 68 miles to finally reach Austin, TX. Upon arriving in Austin, we had officially made it halfway across the USA on our coast-to-coast journey.

The first thing I noticed on our ride was the beautiful wildflowers in full bloom. The abundance of wildflowers accounted for all the colors of the rainbow, and I was grateful to be experiencing such a beautiful sight during this time of year.

The trip was shorter than originally planned, as we covered 15 miles the day before. We rode through a state park and came across two other cyclists who were riding west to east on the Southern Tier. It was nice to see other cyclists and share the journey with them. I rode with them for about 10 miles before we said farewell and wished them safe travels.

As we passed through Lyndon B. Johnson’s hometown of Johnson City, TX, we took in the historic feel of the town.

Johnson City, TX

We had a decent amount of climbing throughout the day, but the steepest climb of the trip was the biggest challenge yet. We almost had to walk it but were determined and powered through it. I was eager to make it to Austin on time to greet Erin, Eli, and Ivy at the airport. We were determined to overcome any obstacle that stood in our way, and our persistence paid off. We arrived in Austin on time, and it was awesome to reunite with everyone. Having that time with them and away from cycling recharged my batteries both physically and emotionally. It was much needed after so long away.

P.S. We saw what appeared to be a rancher raising reindeer!

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