This marks day 9 of our 55-day trip. We went from Benson, AZ to Bisbee, AZ. We decided to leave later because we planned to meet Tom and Kenny (the rescue team) in Tombstone for lunch and figured it would only take us about 1.5 hours to get there because it was mostly downhill. About 10 miles into the trip, we met another rider named, Len.


He is been riding for much longer than us and has even done 205 miles in one day! Len rode with us to our pitstop in Tombstone, AZ and joined us for lunch there. After lunch, we explored the old western town.

Ok Coorral

We covered 55 miles and were again faced with strong winds. We would love for the winds to shift and be at our backs, but today was not that day. You can see on my bike computer that I was getting high wind warnings that persisted most of the ride.

High Winds

We also had a monster climb into Bisbee that left of exhausted at the end.

Bisbee Climb

However, making it to Bisbee was rewarding. The town is nestled into the hillside and is quite the artists’ community, with historic building and interesting architecture. Bisbee is an old mining town. The mine opened in 1877 and eventually closed when Phelps Dodge discontinued mining operations in Bisbee in the mid-1970’s. The Queen Mine opened once again as a tour for visitors in 1976, nearly 100 years after the mine originally opened.


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